Workshop is a vital aspect as it becomes a crucial part of our installation.Slow Art Collective works with a wide range of people regardless the age, gender, race.We have worked in numbers of places including National Gallery of Victoria, Artplay, Castlemaine Festival and Fun 4 kids festival in Warnnambool Art Gallery.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Four Seasons with Slow Art Collective : public workshop @Artplay 2011

Public Workshop 
The 4th workshop, held during National Recycling Week, was opened to the public and comprised of a sample from each of the previous workshops.

As part of the Slow Art Collective's Four Seasons workshops, participants created their own personal mandalas and collaborated on a large-scale floor-based mandala that utilised an assortment of colourful salvaged plastics. Like a large Tibetan sand mandala, the work developed over time and was non-permanent. The process and the development of the work being as important as the finished piece. 

Held at ArtPlay in mid-November 2010, these workshops introduced participants into activities like drawing, sculpting and creating a large-scale installation that follow the methodologies of the Slow Art Colllective. Children utilised recycled materials to create temporary works that explored the forms and structures of circles and triangles.

Triangles and Polygons workshop with Dylan Martorell

This workshop looked at the structural properties of the triangle with a focus on basic polygons as a starting point for exploration.
There where three parts to the workshop
a) a group drawing exercise using groups of 3 to create grids of patterned triangles
b) polygon exercise using toothpics and pearl tapioca to create triangle based structures.
c) Large scale structure exercise using bamboo, fabric and carrots.
This exercise combined the idea of working as a team with the basic structural knowledge we picked up in the first exercise to create a large structure strong enough to hold 22 kgs of carrots.

vegetable workshops with chaco kato

These workshops were about the healthy food cycle in life.

This series of practical workshops explored various sensory experiences with activities like the ‘blindfold game’, creating a Mandala with fruits and vegetables and making small portable Compost PET bottles.
Students not only investigated the colour and form of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, but they enjoyed eating them throughout the day.
These workshop aimed to raise the awareness of the value of healthy plant-based foods and the significance of making compost. Most importantly the children experienced how these cycles can be translated into art form.

Mandala Workshop with Tony Adams

By engaging with ideas surrounding current environmental concerns, the Slow Art Collective  provided an opportunity for young children to investigate their life style.

Four Seasons with SAC consisted of 4 workshops within an environmentally-focused art project that utilised diverse media.

As part of ArtPlay's Schools Program in 2010, students from 3 Primary Schools - Camp Meadows, Yarra Road and Westall. participated in 3 workshops throughout the year:
1. Mandala Workshops with Tony Adams - using recycled colourful plastics.
2. Veggie art and Compost Workshops with Chaco Kato - using fruit & veggies, and recycled PET bottles.
3. Triangle and Polygon Workshops with Dylan Martorell - using bamboo, carrots, tapioca and toothpicks.

Through the engagement of various 2-D and 3-D processes, this series of hands-on workshops aimed to explore the form and colour of discarded plastic detritus, through the creation of a range of mandalas. Waste as an artistic medium, not only presents a resourceful approach to art-making, but has been inspirational to artists for decades. These workshops aimed to inspire participants to explore creative possibilities of using discarded everyday objects within an art context.