Workshop is a vital aspect as it becomes a crucial part of our installation.Slow Art Collective works with a wide range of people regardless the age, gender, race.We have worked in numbers of places including National Gallery of Victoria, Artplay, Castlemaine Festival and Fun 4 kids festival in Warnnambool Art Gallery.

Monday, November 22, 2010

vegetable workshops with chaco kato

These workshops were about the healthy food cycle in life.

This series of practical workshops explored various sensory experiences with activities like the ‘blindfold game’, creating a Mandala with fruits and vegetables and making small portable Compost PET bottles.
Students not only investigated the colour and form of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, but they enjoyed eating them throughout the day.
These workshop aimed to raise the awareness of the value of healthy plant-based foods and the significance of making compost. Most importantly the children experienced how these cycles can be translated into art form.

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