Workshop is a vital aspect as it becomes a crucial part of our installation.Slow Art Collective works with a wide range of people regardless the age, gender, race.We have worked in numbers of places including National Gallery of Victoria, Artplay, Castlemaine Festival and Fun 4 kids festival in Warnnambool Art Gallery.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

KAERU Slow Art Collective (Tony Adams, Chaco Kato and Dylan Martorell), collaboration with Hiroshi Fuji @ ArtCentre Melbourne, 2011

A large scale, cross-cultural community art project – to create an enchanted garden at Hamer Hall. 

The KAERU project was about renewal, transformation, sustainability and collaborative art – themes that celebrate Art Centre Melbourne’s new Hamer Hall. Working with all kinds of recycled and organic materials Fuji and the Slow Art Collective extended an open invitation to local artists, students, and all the people of Melbourne to join them in creating an interactive garden installation on the upper terrace of the new Hamer Hall. The project was consisted 1st part: workshop and open studio, 2nd part: installation @ Hamer Hall.

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