Workshop is a vital aspect as it becomes a crucial part of our installation.Slow Art Collective works with a wide range of people regardless the age, gender, race.We have worked in numbers of places including National Gallery of Victoria, Artplay, Castlemaine Festival and Fun 4 kids festival in Warnnambool Art Gallery.

more about Slow Art Collective

Slow Art Collective is an artistic collective established 2008, that focuses on creative practices and ethics relating to environmental sustainability, material ethics, DIY culture and collaboration. Members of the collective share common ideas, focusing on process-based art practice and use non-invasive material for environment. Currently Dylan Martorell and Chaco Kato are as core member, and other artists, children, community will be involved as collaborator depending on the project.

Slow art is about slow exchanges of value rather than the fast, monetary exchange of value. It is about the slow absorption of culture through community links by creating something together and blurring the boundary between the artists and viewer. It is a sustainable arts practice, not an extreme solution; a reasonable alternative to deal with real problems in contemporary art practice.